About Us

At Kenza, we’re all about colors. We believe colors are to a Moroccan interior what spices are to cuisine. Colors that evoke the orient and its spices; rich saffron, dark curry, bold anise and spicy sweet cardamom.  Fiery reds, rustic oranges, afternoon yellows; colors that awaken lifelong memories and are your passport to new worlds. Blues that recall the seas; greens that smell of dawn; lavenders, hyacinths and campanulas with their subtle hues and scents, drawing one in. The colors that swirl around you and suggest open spaces, calm depths and tranquility.

Colors can animate your surroundings, lift moods and create timeless, elegant decors. Beiges, browns, greens and oranges that conjure a sense of touch; reams of linen, a jute canvas, white sand beneath your toes and cool, clear water. These are simple, timeless sensations and colors will bring these impressions into your home and spaces.

 At Kenza, we craft, produce and select our interior and outdoor Moroccan furniture with both consideration for the natural and social environments from which these furnishings arise and an eye towards the places they ultimately end up.